2023-04-19 We are happy to share with you that at the London Wine Competition 2023 (LWC) held in the United Kingdom, the wines presented by us won silver and bronze medals.
2023-04-19 On April 12 - 14, Rtvelisi will be presented at the international exhibition CHENGDU FOOD AND DRINK FAIR 2023
2023-04-19 From March 14-16, Rtvelisi will be presented at the international exhibition INTERWINE SHENZHEN
2023-04-19 Three gold medals
2023-04-19 EXPO LOCATION: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles RTVELISI: H5.2 / Stands: E 039
2023-01-24 On November 29 and 30, 2022, in Georgia, the International Saperavi Competition was successfully held.
2022-11-25 Within the framework of the event, the wines of the Rtvelisi Qvevri line were discussed, which received significant evaluations from Georgian professionals.
2022-11-25 On November 16-18, Rtvelisi will was presented at the international exhibition Enoexpo, in Krakow, Poland.
2022-11-25 -Saperavi Qvevri - Silver medal -Kindzmarauli - Silver medal -Mukuzani - Bronze medal
2022-11-25 The month of October was full of interesting events and festivals for wine lovers, Rtvelisi wines were presented at such events as "Wine Days in Georgia", "Jazz and wine Kakheti" and "Gurjaani Wine Festival".
2022-11-25 The harvest of 2022 ended with an abundant harvest
2022-11-25 On October 13, the awarding of the International Wine & Spirit Competition was held in Georgia for the first time. 487 Georgian wines took part in the competition, of which 16 outstanding wines won a gold medal, among them was Kisi Qvevri from Rtvelisi winery
2022-11-25 Rkatsiteli Qvevri and Mukuzan received the highest scores from wine professionals.
2022-11-25 Napareuli 2021 - Silver Medal Mukuzani 2020 - Silver Medal
2022-11-25 Kindzmarauli - bronze medal Tvishi- bronze medal
2022-11-25 Saperavi Qvevri - Double Gold Medal Chacha Barrel - Gold Medal Rtvelisi 5 stars - Gold medal
2022-11-25 The Rkatsiteli Qvevri of Rtvelisi company was among the best wines, which deservedly received SOMMELIER`S CHOICE AWARD.
2022-11-25 Mukuzani - Bronze Medal Rkatsiteli Qvevri - Bronze Medal Napareuli - Bronze Medal
2022-11-25 The fourteenth international exhibition of wine and alcoholic beverages was held on June 10-12 in ExpoGeorgia.
2022-06-08 Forbes about Rtvelisi
2022-06-08 The ProWein International Exhibition was held on May 15-17 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
2022-06-08 On 14th May, the New Wine Festival was held in Mtatsminda Park.
2022-06-08 Another great success of the wine company " Rtvelisi " in the United Kingdom.
2022-06-08 Rtvelisi products received the highest ratings.
2022-06-06 Rtvelisi supports the sport
2022-05-31 On 27th November, the New Wine Festival was held in Mtatsminda Park.
2021-11-12 Another great success that Rtvelisi company achieved at the CATHAY Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition, the most prestigious competition in Hong Kong
2021-11-12 Our next success at the international wine and spirits competition IGC organized by Interwine in China, where Rtvelisi wines won 1 silver and two bronze medals.
2021-11-12 The 12th International Wine Competition was held within the framework of the Wine and Spirits Exhibition, which was held on October 30-31 in the Expo Georgia.
2021-11-12 Our great success at the international competition GILBERT & GAILLARD in France.
2021-11-05 Rtvelisi is the sponsor of the sixth season of Master Chef Georgia Master chefs prepare dishes using Rtvelisi wines. And the chefs taste their distinctive dishes alongside Rtvelisi wines. We are honored to be a part of a project that contributes significantly to the development of Georgian cuisine.
2021-11-05 The great success of Rtvelisi wine company at MUNDUS VINI2021.
2021-11-05 International Exhibition Interwine China 2021, was held in China on July 28-30
2021-07-13 Saperavi Qvevri-Platinum Medal Mukuzani - Silver Medal Rkatsiteli Qvevri - bronze medal
2021-07-06 One of the most prestigious German media holding in the field of wine "Meininger" held a competition-tasting to select the best Georgian wines. The competition presented vintage wine of Rtvelisi "Rkatsiteli Qvevri" which was highly appreciated and entered the list of the best Georgian wines.
2021-05-28 Qvevri (Pitcher) is the first non-food product to be added to the State Register of Geographical Indications. Registration as a geographical indicator reaffirms its unique connection to the history, culture, and identity of our country, therefore assisting in the promotion of Georgian wine on international markets.
2021-05-28 Rtvelisi is the sponsor of the fifth season of Master Chef Georgia Master chefs prepare dishes using Rtvelisi wines. And the chefs taste their distinctive dishes alongside Rtvelisi wines. We are honored to be a part of a project that contributes significantly to the development of Georgian cuisine.
2021-05-28 The wines of the winery Rtvelisi were favorably welcomed in the International Wine Competition in London in March 2021.
2021-05-28 Mtsvane Wine of the "Rtvelisi" enterprise - won a high medal of praise at the International Wine Competition Internationalwinechallenge (IWC) in the United Kingdom
2021-01-22 The International Organization of Vine and Wine accepted the proposal of the Georgian side, to add the white wine fermented with long maceration on skins, to the categories of OIV special wines, in the expedited procedure in 2017.
2021-01-22 The wine company Rtvelisi got medals, at the Wine International Challenge (IWC) which was held in the United Kingdom. Qvevri Rkatsiteli-silver medal Qvevri Saperavi- bronze medal
2020-11-22 In November 2020, one of the most prestigious wine and spirits competitions was held in Ukraine - Wine & Spirits Ukraine 2020. Rtvelisi participated in this competition and won 3 medals.
2020-10-11 "Wine is our tradition and history!" "Each bottle sold in any country is a promotion of our country"
2020-10-11 The sponsor of masterchef Georgia, was wine producing company Rtvelisi. The masterchefs participants prepared their dishes with the help of Rtvelisi wines and serve their dishes with Rtvelisi wines.
2020-08-04 The partner of the exhibition was Rtvelisi - wine and other alcoholic beverage producer company
2020-08-04 The sponsor of the football club "Aragvi" is the wine company- Rtvelisi
2020-07-28 Masterchef Georgia is the sponsor of the third season of the wine production company Rtvelisi.
2020-02-11 by the initiative of Sakpatenti, a tasting of tequila and Georgian wine was held in Sakpatenti, on February 11. The company Rtvelisi participated in the event with 4 types of wine: Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Tsinandali, and Saperavi.
2020-02-08 The partner of the Distribution and Logistics Forum was the Georgian wine producing company- Rtvelisi.
2020-01-30 The partner of the event was the wine-producing company Rtvelisi